type Number
default 0
$( selector ).geomap( { zoomMin: 5 } );
var zoomMin = $( selector ).geomap( "option", "zoomMin" );
$( selector ).geomap( "option", "zoomMin", 7 );

The zoomMin option gets or sets the smallest allowed value of the zoom option for the map.

For tiled maps, this option overrides the tilingScheme option when it is larger than zero. For example, a tilingScheme always defines what zoom level 0 is, but if you set the zoomMin option to 7, the user will not be able to zoom out past level 7.

For non-tiled maps, i.e., tilingScheme is null and you're using all shingled services, this option determines the minimum zoom (and therefore maximum pixelSize) a user can achieve. Non-tiled maps require the bboxMax option to determine what zoom level 0 means. This option overrides the map's ability to get to zoom level 0. It is not so useful for non-tiled maps, as you can just set a smaller bboxMax and continue using 0 as the minimum zoom.

This option also overrides programmatic changes. If zoomMin is 2 and you try to set the zoom option to 0 using JavaScript, it will be set to 2 instead.