type Number
default 2
$( selector ).geomap( {
  zoomFactor: 1.18920711500273 // fourth root of 2
} );
var zoomFactor = $( selector ).geomap( "option", "zoomFactor" );
set read only

You can use the zoomFactor option change how the map handles zoom levels including the zoom option and double-click zoom interaction.

This is an advanced, init-only option that you don't usually need to change. The primary case where you would change this is if you have a tilingScheme where the pixelSize between zoom levels isn't a clean power of two. For example, in web mercator (the default tilingScheme) the pixelSize at zoom 0 is 156543.03392799936. At zoom 1, the pixelSize is exactly half that. With a zoomFactor of 2, double-click zoom will go directly from zoom 0 to zoom 1. Not all tilingSchemes follow this pattern and you may want to change zoomFactor so that scroll and double-click zoom behave naturally.

Another case is if you want to define a tilingScheme for a non-tiled map service. Since the map service can handle any pixelSize, you may want your scroll and double-click zoom to hit more than powers of two. For example, if you set zoomFactor to 1.18920711500273 (the 4th root of 2) then it will take a user four clicks of the mouse wheel to zoom in to what usually only takes one. This will give a user more scale options.