type Number
default 0
$( selector ).geomap( { zoom: 0 } );
var zoom = $( selector ).geomap( "option", "zoom" );
$( selector ).geomap( "option", "zoom", 7 );

The zoom option gets or sets the current zoom of the map view.

For tiled maps, the zoom option's range starts at zero and goes to either the current geomap tilingScheme's levels property minus one or the length of the tilingScheme's pixelSize array (depending on how the tilingScheme option is declared).

For non-tiled maps, i.e., tilingScheme is null and you're using all shingled services, the zoom option is based on the ratio between sizes of the bbox and bboxMax properties. If they are equal, the zoom option is 0. Smaller bbox areas will have larger zoom values.

If you attempt to initialize both zoom and bbox at the same time when creating a geomap widget, bbox will be applied and zoom will modify the final bbox.

Apart from setting the zoom option directly, you can use the zoom method to change the zoom by relative amounts.