type Object
  length: "{{:length}} m",
  area: "{{:area}} sq m"
$( selector ).geomap( { measureLabels: { length: "{{:length}} meters" } } );
var measureLabels = $( selector ).geomap( "option", "measureLabels" );
$( selector ).geomap( "option", "measureLabels", { area: "{{:area}} square meters" } );

The measureLabels option controls how the length or area text is formatted when displayed on the map during measuring.

In the label strings, the {{: }} syntax is used as a placeholder for the current length or area. All other text is displayed verbatim.

Note: Alpha releases used a {{= }} syntax but there is a breaking change in the beta version due to changes in jsRender. Please use the new {{: }} syntax.

The developer may change each measureLabels option separately during both initialization of the widget or any time after.