type Array ( GeoJSON bounding box )
default [ -180, -85, 180, 85 ]
$( selector ).geomap( { bboxMax: [ -71, 40, -69, 44 ] } );
var bboxMax = $( selector ).geomap( "option", "bboxMax" );
$( selector ).geomap( "option", "bboxMax", [ -75.696, 38.804, -73.696, 41.287 ] );

The bboxMax option defines a bounding box that surrounds all of the data you wish to show in non-tiled maps, i.e., you have set the tilingScheme option to null. Users can pan the map once they reach bboxMax but cannot zoom out further.

This option is a JavaScript array consisting of four values which can be thought of as: minx, miny, maxx and maxy of the maximum map view you wish to allow in map units and in that order.

A bboxMax option must be set properly for shingled (dynamic) services since the value of the map's zoom is based on a ratio between the current bbox and bboxMax.

Setting a new bboxMax will refresh the map services and reset what zoom level 0 means.

If you set tilingScheme to null, you must explicitly set bboxMax.